ColdFire Parallel Port Debugging on Windows 7

by Crossware 26. April 2013 07:38

We do not have a Windows 7 PC which has a parallel port and so we have never been able to try a ColdFire parallel port BDM interface on this operating system.  It was clear that parallel port debugging on the 64-bit version of Windows 7 was not going to be possible because our parallel port driver is a kernel driver and is not signed.  As such, Windows 7 64-bit edition will not allow it to be installed under any circumstances.

Now we have information from one of our ColdFire customers who has recently migrated our ColdFire Suite to new PCs that use Windows 7 32-bit edition.  They report that parallel port debugging with our ColdFire Suite and the P&E Micro parallel port BDM interface works successfully.



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