Support for Energy Micro Cortex-M3 based microcontrollers formally announced

by Crossware 29. July 2011 16:09

We have formally announced support for the Energy Micro Gecko and Tiny Gecko chips:

News release

The Energy Micro third party support page now includes a a link to our web site.

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Support added for EFM32TGxxx chips

by Crossware 28. July 2011 13:10

The Development Suite for ARM now supports the EFM32TGxxx Tiny Gecko chips from Energy Micro.  All of the features provided for the EFM32Gxxx Gecko chips are included for the EFM32TGxxx too.



EFM32 simulation: GPIO, timers and PRS

by Crossware 25. July 2011 13:07

The GPIO, timers, peripheral reflex system (PRS) of the EFM32Gxxx chips are now simulated.

The I/O from the GPIO simulation will go though the Virtual Workshop Interface and so you can send and receive digital I/O to and from the simulation chip.

The timers interact with the PRS.

Simulation of the capture/compare features of the timers is not yet implemented.



Support for EFG32Gxxx chips added

by Crossware 11. July 2011 14:21

The Development Suite for ARM now supports the EFG32Gxxx chips.  The features added include startup files, headers, wizards, register views with tooltips, downloading and flash programming via Jaguar, and so on.

There is no peripheral simulation at present.  We will be adding some peripheral simulation over the next few weeks.



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